Stoep Talk March

Stoep Talk

Autumn has arrived, health and Stanford is at its most beautiful.  The leaves have changed from green to a dramatic display of yellow, mind orange and reds, and the wine farmers have harvested their grapes that will surely end up as delicious and award-winning wines. Now it’s time to take a little breather before the next phase of nature’s cycle starts.
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Cat Sanctuary to open on Easter Weekend in Stanford!

Extra, extra, read all about it – we’ve just received an update from Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary who are thrilled to announce that they will be opening their doors for Easter Weekend! This is Big (Cat) News for Stanford so join us in welcoming and supporting our new neighbours!

Panthera Africa is a big cat sanctuary for any captive bred lions, leopards and tigers in need of rescue. Animal welfare is our top priority. The big cats will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives at Panthera Africa!

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